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Deep pore cleansing with 3D Ultrasonic waves

PureCle Dx.


  • Body

  • Charging

  • Manual

  • Cleansing Gel


  • 'Good Design'

  • Waterproof

  • Dual effects of cleansing and massaging

  • 3D ultrasonic

  • Low noise

Easy to use

  • Used for all skin type.
  • 2 types of strength level.
  • Usable in any place without any noise
  • Unlike most brush heads, no replacement of brush, no dry hours needed.
  • Stainless steel head

    • Stainless steel head minimizing metal allergy
    • Easy maintenance by cleaning the detachable head by water and drying with a cloth

    Deep cleansing

    • Minimize the irritation by flexible move of the round-head in every direction.
    • Triple-Round Head reaching every part on the face including curved area.

Patented 3D Ultrasonic vibrating technology

  • Effective black & white head exfoliating by irritating with 3D ultrasonic waves.
  • Effective removal of make-up, sebum and dead skin cells by massaging the surface of the skin with vibrating ultrasonic waves.
  • Amazing dual effects of Massaging and Deep-cleansing

    • Rounded head helps skin improve elasticity, blood circulation, skin texture and skin tone by deep-cleansing with 3D ultrasonic waves.
  • Sophisticated Design acquired GD(Good Design) Mark

    • Simple design suitable for anywhere. (in a bathroom, on the dressing table, etc.)
    • Compact and portable design
    • Streamlined design –Easy to grasp
  • Improved portability with chargeable battery

    • 2 hours of consecutive use after charging
    • Wireless use after charging the body with the charging stand anytime.
    • Charge completed

    • Charging…

    Automatic power-OFF after 5 minutes of operation

    • Prevent the skin from being damaged due to a long-term operation
    • Prevent the unnecessary consumption of battery by automatic power off
Cleansing Gel
  • Make skin soft and smooth with Tea-tree and Portulaca Oleracea Extracts.
  • Deep cleanse with a circular motion with PureCle Dx. after applying the gel on the face.
PureCle Blackhead remover
  • Clearly remove the blackheads around the nose with natural plant extracts.
  • Apply gel around the nose and leave it for 1min. Massage with PureCle Dx. with a circular motion

※ The cleansing gel is optional. Highly effective skincare is available with the use of our cleansing devices.

Product information

Classification Contents
Product PureCle Dx
Manufacturer Bomtech Electronics / Korea
Warranty 1 year
A/S +82-2-523-8295(Ext no.6)

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