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Product Name : Semi-permanent make-up machine
Please be sure to read the instructions before use and follow the enclosed user manual.


Body + Adapter + Foot Switch + Hand-piece + Cable


This device is used for injecting pigmentation inhaled into the disposable needle to mark the color pigment to skin.

  • 19 Speed Level

  • Shortcut key for saving speed

  • Pause Mode

  • Dual Function of PMU/MTS

  • Easy to Use

    • Adjust speed level (1~19) by touching +/-
    • Visualized current speed on LED display
    • Shortcut key for saving speed
    • Selectable disposable needle cartridge between PMU and MTS for the purpose of use.
  • Pause mode for user's convenience

    • Pause mode by placing hand-piece on a cradle in use
    • Improve the convenience of the user
  • Ergonomic hand-piece

    • Refined design and comfortable to hold
    • Various types of needle cartridges.
    • Easy to adjust the needle length of hand-piece by turning the adjustment ring
  • Disposable sterilized cartridges

    • EO sterilized disposable needle cartridges(Optional)
  • Bomtech’s own patented technology

    • Hygienically prevent backflow of blood or contaminant injection during operation.
    • ※ Needle Cartridges are optional. (Single use)
  • Adjust the amount of pigment

    • Adjust the amount of pigment emission by turning the adjustment ring of Digital Revo needle cartridges.
  • Durable packaging of needle cartridges

    • Individual blister package
    • Prevent any potential damage to products by durable packaging
    • ※ Please purchase needle cartridge separately

Product information

Classification Contents
Product / Model Name Semi-Permanent make-up/DIGITAL-POP DIAMOND
Permission Number / Date 18-5034/ 2018.12.10
Authentication Status Yes
Advertising Review Status
Purpose of Use Semi-Permanent make-up
Manufacturer Bomtech Electronics Co., Ltd. / Korea
Warranty Within 600 hours after purchase
A/S +82-2-523-8295(Ext no.6)

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