- General result with graphs and texts.
- Customer's Hair type and status.
- Detailed result with prescription.

Sales Promotion

- Product recommendation
- Shopping Cart
- Purchase record and management

•  SDP ( Embedded + MultiCam)

Accurate Diagnosis

-- Accurate diagnosis through vivid and magnified skin photos by the digital scope.
- Scientific diagnosis and description of customer's Skin.

Automatic Recommendation of products and Service

- Generates automatic recommendation of suitable cosmetics with skin types : auto-updating

Diverse Function

- Customer database
- Skin diagnosis
- purchase Records
- Shopping Cart
- Networking Function

Automatic Skin Analysis

- Accurate understanding on diagnosis result by analyzed skin photos and result graph.

Diverse Data

- Numerous saving and comparison of diagnosis results

SDP Composition of Product

EMBEDDED Computer built in Skin Diagnosis Program / MultiCAm with Lens( X80) / Moisture Checker / Sebum& cornume tape


SDP Skin View


Customer information
Register the customer information


Sebum & Moisture
U- ZONE / T- ZONE Checking


Skin Pore
pore condition checking


Wrinkle size and depth checking


Pigment condition checking


test result with data