A-ONE Lite



Automatic Recommendation of Product and Service

- Generates automatic recommendation of suitable produc

Diverse Function

- Customer database / Diagnosis / Purchase records / Color pencil function /  Providing sample images

•  A-ONE tab
   Skin & Hair Diagnosis System

Accurate Diagnosis

- Accurate diagnosis through vivid and magnified skin & hair scalp photos by the digital scope
- Scientific diagnosis and description of customers’ real condition

Automatic Skin and Hair Analysis

- Accurate understanding on diagnosis result by analyzed photos and result graph

Diverse Analysis Data

- Skin : Skin type, Moisture, Elasticity, Pore, Sebum, Wrinkle, Pigmentation
- Hair : Scalp type, Sebum condition, Hair loss, Hair density, Hair Damage, Hair Thickness


- Wi-Fi function : Available to transfer the image and data to computer through Wi-Fi.
- Easy to use : (Touch screen) Very easy to operate program with finger
- Mobile solution : Very compact and light embedded computer system
- Embedded Sensor : Equipped with “Moisture” and “Elasticity” sensor inside the body
- Integrated with “Skin” and “Hair” Diagnosis : Built in skin and hair diagnosis system
- Easy to back-up data : Data back-up is possible with USB or mini-SD card


Screen View

a-one tab   a-one tab   a-one tab   a-one tab

SD Main screen
Selection of test item


SD camera & sensor
Measurement of skin condition


View & Edit of the captured images
Automatic diagnosis of each test item


SD test result
Skin type, Age of skin, detail description for each test item

a-one tab   a-one tab   a-one tab   a-one tab
HD Main screen
Selection of test item

  HD camera
Measurement of scalp & hair condition
Selection of sample image by comparing with the captured images
  HD test result
Detail description for each test item