NEW EMBEDDED Diagnosis System
•  NEW EMBEDDED Skin Diagnosis System
Accurate Diagnosis
- Accurate diagnosis through vivid images by the scope
- Prescription of Customer's skin and products recommendation by scientific diagnosis.
Automatic Recommendation of products & Service
- Generates automatic recommendation of suitable products and treatments for each skin type
Diverse Function
- Customer database / Skin diagnosis / Purchase records / Shopping cart
Automatic Skin Analysis
- Accurate understanding on diagnosis result by analyzed skin photos and result graph.
Diverse Data
- Numerous saving by diverse functions and comparison of diagnosis results
Result Sales Promotion
- General result with graphs and texts.
- Customer's skin type and status.
- Detailed result with prescription.

- Product recommendation
- Shopping Cart
- Purchase record and management


Composition of Products

EMBEDDED Computer built in Skin Diagnosis Program / Cradle / P-Sensor / E-Cam(X1, X80)

Skin View

Main Screen
Check the skin condition
  Customer Information
Regisration: Personal information
  Sebum / Moisture
Measure the sebum and Moisture quantity on U-zone & T-zone
Check the Pore Size
Measure the pigmentation

  Skin Type Graph
General results and detailed results

  Result Graph
result graph of the all diagnosis
  Detailed Result
detail Result description